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A powerful addon to filter out unwanted content before the listing goes live . Sheriff addon allows Admin to control what information is allowed during the listing placement and listing edit process. Works invisibly in the background to stop...

$75 USD
Browsing Map Addon

This addon allows Google Maps to be used on the home page or in the browsing section tabs. A highly requested addon that comes jam packed with features. Give your customers extra browsing power and experience! Map filters are now set in admin so...

$200 USD
Geomap Interactive Mapping Addon

Geomap is a complete rewrite to the original listing map, and made compatible for v16 templates - default, fusion, marquee. The addon is one of the best apps available out of the box for your Geocore site, and loaded with features. A number of...

$150 USD
Restrict Listing Addon

The restrict listing addon allows admin to restrict categories at listing placement to specific groups. Use this addon to specify which user groups can place listings in those categories. A very useful addon for creating private categories such as...

$80 USD
Google Maps Embed Addon

This addon makes use of the Google Maps embed api, plus a few additional Geolancer features. This is a useful addition or replacement for your built in Geodesic Maps. If your having Google Map API issues, or your Geodesic Map goes down due to...

$40 USD
Countdown Addon

This addon displays a stylish countdown timer in the listing classified, auction and bidding templates, as well as a countdown clock and bid / buy now buttons in the featured picture modules. A powerful addon allowing customers to reference the...

$100 USD
Bid Manager Addon

Bid manager offers sellers control over bid removal on live auctions. Works on standard, dutch, reverse auctions to remove unwanted bids and reset auction increment to next highest bidder. Seller Features: Ajax powered bid...

$100 USD
Server Time FREE Addon !!!

This addon allows quick reference to your hosts server time, showing it in the admin / addon region. Use this addon in conjunction with setting up your server offset time! Admin Features: Shows a static server date & time

$0 USD
Responsive EU Cookie Law Compliance Addon

An addon to show the Cookies Law banner on your website, and comply with EU Law. Admin Features: Set custom url for cookie info Set cookie expiry time Multi language text Set message box background colour ...

$40 USD
Deactivate Addon

This Geolancer addon allows admin to search for and remove inactive user accounts from a determined date, with a few extra options over the Geodesic purge inactive users admin function. Geocore sites may have hundreds of inactive user accounts and...

$75 USD