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Magic Bubble Slider

Reponsive design and easy to setup to get your message across. A round bubble will appear at the bottom corner of the screen. You can change the text color what ever you like. With all addons we do free installs and setups for you.

$49.95 USD
Password Generator

Quickly Generate Passwords For All Your Sites Create strong and highly secure passwords Combine numbers, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters

$29.95 USD
Reset Ad Views To Zero

Allows you to reset the ad views in the ads to zero. You may wish to do this weekly or monthly. When resetting our ad views to zero it now gives everyone the same chance to be on the front page while using the hottest ads module. When ads run a...

$19.95 USD
Prevent Adblocker

ADBLOCKER - A program that ALOT of people run in the browser to stop from seeing ads. The problem with this is if they have this and most do you are loosing income from google ad sense. If you charge for advertising your advertisers are also loosing...

$49.95 USD
Seo Slider

eo Slider works directly with the Stealth SEO. It uses one of the dyno boxes for inserting content. If you already own the stealth then you will want to pick this up to add to it. 1) Mutli Language 2) Content on front page, categories,...

$74.95 USD
Phone Verification - SMS and VOICE

Using you can now verify your users. They will charge $1.00 for a phone number and average calls are 2 cents. So if you verify 50 users in a month it will cost you a whole 2 bucks. Affordable and peace of mind. VOICE and SMS verified...

$149 USD
Scroll Up Addon

When the user scrolls down a arrow will appear they can click and scroll up.

$19.95 USD
User Account Removeable

With this addon the client (user) can now delete all their personal information in the myaccount section and you do not have to do it.

$149.95 USD
Expert Geodesic Programmer

Hello, On my web site you will find many addons to expand your web site. We develop custom templates and programming. When a template or addon is made you want to make sure it is done correctly or when you upgrade it...

$0 USD
Price Plans Made Easy

When Asking For The Money This Is Marketing At Its Best Do not ask the user to enter a registration code it is just confusing for them One click and user is place in the correct group U can edit everything if you so choose but it is...

$59.99 USD